Petrol should be subsize as soon as possible to 4 Ghana – Emily Jemima

Petrol should be subsize as soon as possible to 4 Ghana – Emily Jemima

Emily Jemima Nyarko, president and CEO of the Ghana Union of Professional Students, has urged the government to reduce fuel to GHC 4. She made this known when she delivered a 33page open address to the President of Ghana. According to her, she took more than 2 weeksletter to the president 33 Pages
to come up with some practical, critical, holistic, and prudent measures to deal with the current economic crises of our nation. She said she came up with this solution because it is a clear fact that our leaders do not have one because they have all spoken without taking any keen measures to deal with the situation at hand.

In her 33-page open proposal to the president of the Republic of Ghana, dubbed “Beyond the Politics,” We Have a Country to Build ( Agenda: Make Ghana Great and Strong), the president of  the over 2 million Ghanaian students says  she has received celestial insight to help restore the economy of our nation  in 3 days.  According to her, the government must use about $240 million from (cocoa loan and IMF loan) to fund fuel for six months and sell it below GHC4.

She reiterated that in Ghana, petroleum determines the economic dynamism of our country. The government must, as a matter of urgency, absorb over 80% of the total diesel/petrol price per litter to avoid further inflation and depreciation of the cedi. This will reduce economic hardship and reduce food inflation, which will translate into all spheres of our nation by lowering the cost of living, having low inflation, maintaining currency stability, lowering food and commodity price hikes, having a cheap transport system, having low-cost services, having cheap rent, etc.

She cautions the government not to think twice about implementing this measure because of the almost 40% tax the government is enjoying on every liter of petroleum sold. “The government must drop all petroleum taxes in a short time to ease the economic depression,” she wrote.

In Page 8 of her proposal, the president listed these measures for the short term.

Short term

  1. Subsidize fuel to GHC4
  2. Introduction Of Private Vehicle Petroleum Tax (Pvpt)

GHC6,000–GHS25,000 a year

  1. Private Vehicle Certificate Of Entitlement (Pvcoe)

10% to 30% of the car’s worth valid for 3years.

  1. Government Mechanized Farming Agency

             Operation feed the nation and export

  1. Food and Commodity Price unit
  2. Forex Authority and Bank
  3. Import Authority
  4. Road Tolls
  5. Free SHS Review
  6. Enforce Rent Laws and Rent Tax
  7. Encourage Small Scale Mining
  8. Enhance Dirt Track Road Network
  9. Sacking of Finance Minister

(to bring the confidence of local and foreign investors)

  1. Stop Monumental projects (interchanges, markets and road)
  2. High income tax system of 30 to 40%
  3. Cut Govt Expenditure to 60%

On the medium term, she said the government must 1. increase foreign exchange reserves. 2. Constitutional review and amendment; and 3. Investing more in tourism.

She only proposed research and development for a long term.

She urges the government to act swiftly on the stated measures to avoid economic collapse and depression.

The summary of her comprehensive 33-page documents indicates that we are in bad times and something needs to be done as soon as possible.


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