GUPS, officially the Ghana Union of Professional Students, is a non-partisan student union under the Ministry of Education which seeks to champion the rights of all students, especially professional students, in Ghana. The Union is the biggest and the mother of all professional students across the country. The union was founded in the early 1990s but formally began official activity in 2001, and currently has over 67 tertiary institutions spread across the country, with its members largely having a membership of over 2 million active and non-active students. GUPS is affiliated with two autonomous associations (blocks) within the union. Namely, the National Health Students Association of Ghana (NASAG), a professional body for all nurses in Ghana, and the Teacher Training Association of Ghana (TTAG), a professional body for all teacher trainees.

The Union is currently led by the 20th President/CEO for the 2022/2023 administrative year, Her Excellency Emily Jemima Nyarko.

The Ghana Union of Professional Students is affiliated with Nugs.

Its headquarters are situated at the University of Ghana City Campus, Accra.

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