GUPS General Secretary Eulogizes USAG

The first senate meeting for the University Graduate Association of Ghana (USAG) was held at Kessben University on Saturday, October 8.

The 21st administration senate meeting was attended by various universities across the country with a delegation from the Ghana Union of Professional Students led by the general secretary, Honorable Eric Murphy Asare.

In a fraternal speech delivered by the Gups general secretary, he praised the leadership of USAG for having successfully conducted elections free and fair during the 20th Senate Congress, leading to the birth of the 21st administration.

“This is truly from our hearts,” the national executives and the president, H.E. Emily Jemima Nyarko, said. “Appreciate the invitation; this truly signifies the bond between these two unions (GUPS and USAG). This is so because the majority of our member institutions are also members of USAG. This is why we need to build a union together. “Gups has opened its doors to every institution, and I take this opportunity to invite you to join us,” he said.

The charismatic general secretary singled out the president of USAG, H.E Dr. Christian Addison Ntsiful, for his humility and dedication to the development of Ghanaian students.

“My good friend here, Dr. Addison, met me during the Gups congress. We shared a brief discussion, and we both realized that potentially, if given the nod, we would serve with all humility, and I am not surprised he’s here today. He’s the epitome of a true and selfless leader who has a heart of gold. I know the expectations are high, but trust him, “he reiterated.

The Hon. Murphy applauded USAG institutions for their commitment towards the union and pledged GUPS solidarity with USAG.

The honorable member in his remarks said the Ghana Union of Professional Students as a union is always willing to work hand in hand with usag to champion students’ rights in Ghana .

USAG is the mother body for university students across the country.

Established in July 2000 at the University of CapeCoast,
It embodies both public and private universities and looks at mobilizing and harnessing the intellectual potential and capacities of university students and channeling them into valuable projects and programs aimed at promoting university education in Ghana.

Asare Eric Murphy //GUPS//GS

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